Instytut Biotechnologii i Antybiotyków IBA

Chemical Analysis Department. Management and the Team


Head of the Chemical Analysis Department

Bożena Tejchman-Małecka, M.Sc.

Deputy Head of the Chemical Analysis Department

Jolanta Duda, M.Sc.

Deputy Head of the Chemical Analysis Department

Dorota Stadnik, Ph.D.

Chemical Analysis Department Quality Manager

Lidia Waśkiewicz, B.Sc.Eng.

Chemical Analysis Department Technical Manager

Andrzej Tekiel, M.Sc.Eng.

Laboratory Managers

Jolanta Duda, M.Sc., Pharmacokinetics Laboratory Manager
Paweł Szymański, M.Sc., Chromatography Laboratory 1 Manager
Alina Krygier, M.Sc.Eng., Chromatography Laboratory 2 Manager
Lidia Waśkiewicz, B.Sc.Eng., Classical Methods Laboratory Manager
Andrzej Tekiel, M.Sc.Eng., Spectrophotometry Laboratory Manager
Lidia Gurba, M.Sc., Physical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Manager
Dorota Stadnik, Ph.D., Protein Research Laboratory Manager
Weronika Surmacz-Chwedoruk, Ph.D., Analytical Research Laboratory Manager
Iwona Jerka, M.Sc., Responsible Person, Insulin and Insulin Analogs Laboratory


The Chemical Analysis Department brings together highly experienced specialists with various education profiles who continuously improve their professional qualifications through training courses delivered by the Institute, self-development and by tracking trends in contemporary analytical chemistry.
The Department comprises of 42 persons, including research team of 34 people.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart (pdf)